So during this past year, I’ve been working on my Bachelor’s degree (BSN) in nursing at Arkansas Tech University.  It’s wasn’t hard, but just a lot of busy work!  And if you know me, I tend to procrastinate! haha, which leads me to many last minute papers!  So, as of December 17th, 2011 I am now a RN BSN! Woot!

Sometime in November, I got a letter from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), granting admission to their Masters program starting in January 2012!  Woot!  I’m super excited!  I will be in the Acute Care Nurse practioner and Nurse Educator programs, with a graduation date of May 2015.  Yes, three more years of school.  ACK!  I went to the campus in November to meet my advisor, who is wonderful, and her credentials are outstanding!!!  I was like a silly school girl on campus! 🙂 I hope to go back in the next few weeks and get a official “UAMS Nursing” shirt/jacket.

So, for now, I continue to work in the ICU and do house supervisor.  In January I also start to teach clinicals at National Park Community College (NPCC), where I got my ADN (Associate degree in nursing).  Remember that day?  If not ~~~~>>>>HERE and HERE and HERE!!!!!  Yes, so I will be doing the 4th semester clinicals (last semester!), which I’m very nervous about, but very excited!


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