Brown Thumb


I don’t remember talking about my bucket garden last year. I took some 5 gallon buckets, drilled holes for drainage, mixed soil and manure, and planted both seeds and young plants. I watered and weeded all summer long, and got a small bounty.


Yeah, that’s it. A small pepper. We joke about making a stuffed pepper, and we all could have a nibble.

So I cleaned out the buckets, and I have some green stuff growing:





I guess I’ll wait and see what happens! The funny thing is that last year, brennen had a cabbage he planted at school. So we added it to the bucket garden, and almost a year later we have a plant!!!



So the plans are to have a raised bed this year. I think it’s going to be 18×9 feet. I hope it works! Here’s the “plot”


It needs a ton of work!!!


My Funny Valentines <3



Sweet boys!  The last pictures represents the important things in  our house, lol. Lego Men, M&Ms, and Star Wars . . . not necessialy in that order!  My sweet husband remembered from last summer that I had always wanted some windchimes.  I had bought some cheap wood ones at Big Lots, but they weren’t all that great.  Not only did I get wind chimes, but he MADE them for me!  I love it!  Thank you Babe! ❤

(and if you know where I can get more Lego men, let me know!)

Happy Happy Birthday Zachary!


My middle son turns a whopping EIGHT years old this year!  Actually it was last night . . . minus 8 years!  He was due February 14th . . .

Earlier in the day on the 13th I turned in my final task for SYSCO, before I went on maternity leave.  I dropped the sales bid for Magic Springs, where we had not done business with in many many years.    I drove to Wal*Mart for a few items before the expected snow fall came.  If you aren’t from the south, then you must be made to understand that when “snow” or “ice” are predicted in the weather report, then the milk, bread, beer and eggs go flying off the shelf, as if they had a golden ticket in it!

So I then went to pick up my first born at daycare, and when I literally picked him up, I felt something ooey gooey down there.  Ick, my  mucous plug!  Bren and I went home, with plans to have dinner with my in laws (another Southern winter fact:  you must go eat catfish before it snows).  As I waited for it to be time to leave, I was chatting with my online mommy buddies.  I guess I was mentioning when I had a little “cramp” and really thinking nothing of it.  Strange thing is I kept feeling “wet” down below, and when I realized this, one of my mommy buddies said, “hellloooooo, you are having contractions about 3 minutes apart!!!”  Oh hell.  I called the hospital and asked maybe if my water broke (yeah, I was one of THOSE patients).  I said it wasn’t a sudden gush like on TV, nor did I have the tremendous pain the mommies had on TV (because we all know THAT’s real).  She suggested that I come in and be checked.  I drove to my in laws house, and said that I might have to miss dinner!  So Bren stayed with Popo, and Molly and I was going to drive to the hospital.  Oh, the (now ex) husband was at work and was going to meet us at the hospital.  So as I stood dripping in their carpeted hallway, dear Mother in law ran around the house “packing” for the trip . . . for 4 miles around town. hehe

When I get to the hospital around 5:30, the staff tells me that they notified the doctor, and he’s coming in to see what’s going on.  I get all hooked up to the monitors find out that I’m dilated to a two, and the anesthesiologist comes in.  He tells me that he lives in Benton, around 30 miles away, and doesn’t want to get stuck here in town.  The snow has started to fall and once he leaves, he is NOT coming back.  So I can either get an epidural now, or not at all.  Hello? Do I look stupid?  So I got my epidural around 6 pm.  Now I’m wondering where my husband is, as well as the doctor, as it’s after 7pm…..well apparently my (ex)husband was racing his little ford focus . . . with a Porsche . . . driven by my doctor.  Nice, real nice!

It ends up being an uneventful evening . . . no real excitement at all . . . Around 11:20 they check me and I’m at a whopping 4 cm . . .around 11:40 I’m suddenly at an 8 . . . then the chaos starts!  The doctor appears out of nowhere, my legs are up and I’m being told to push! push! push!  I can’t feel anything (thank you epidural lords!), and all these people are in my way . . . I’m trying to watch the Lacy Peterson made for TV movie on Lifetime!  Geesh!  After a whopping three . . . yes THREE pushes (a HUGE difference from the FOUR hours of pushing with my first son), Zachary John-Michael was born at 11:53 pm.  Almost my sweetheart baby, but with just seven minutes of mischief in him!

So happy birthday Zachary! I love you!


This silly boy was told he can do whatever he wanted to for his birthday . . . so what does he decide to do?  Star Wars 3D: Phantom Menance and Applebees!  Ha!  Love him!

Ho, Ho, Ho !!!


Merry Christmas! I hope all is well with everyone! We called Santa earlier this week, and asked him to come a day early, due to children and other spouses.  Thankfully, he did!  Yeah!  We had a blast making cookies for him, along with some muddie buddies, yum yum yum!

We had a delicious turkey made by Martha Craig Stewart, lol.  Just kidding!  He’s turned into quite a good turkey baker!  All the kids were here, gifts were opened, sweets eaten, and gingerbread houses decorated . . . and demolished!

I got a Kindle fire (yeah!) and my puppy Jack, Craig got an iPad2, and you can see in the pictures what the kids’ favorite gifts were!  They certainly love their pillow pets!  We haven’t set up the hot wheels wall tracks yet, but they sure look fun!  Wii Donkey Kong is a blast for all the kids to play together.  Of course, Santa knew to bring  fun stuff for our Hawaii trip!





Little Timmy is now six years old 😦  I can’t believe it!  I actually cried while going through some old post and saw this picture:  


He’s such a goober!  He does so well in school, and is quite silly!  He comes up with the funniest sayings that just crack me up!  He had his party at Play By Play, and had a blast!



So during this past year, I’ve been working on my Bachelor’s degree (BSN) in nursing at Arkansas Tech University.  It’s wasn’t hard, but just a lot of busy work!  And if you know me, I tend to procrastinate! haha, which leads me to many last minute papers!  So, as of December 17th, 2011 I am now a RN BSN! Woot!

Sometime in November, I got a letter from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), granting admission to their Masters program starting in January 2012!  Woot!  I’m super excited!  I will be in the Acute Care Nurse practioner and Nurse Educator programs, with a graduation date of May 2015.  Yes, three more years of school.  ACK!  I went to the campus in November to meet my advisor, who is wonderful, and her credentials are outstanding!!!  I was like a silly school girl on campus! 🙂 I hope to go back in the next few weeks and get a official “UAMS Nursing” shirt/jacket.

So, for now, I continue to work in the ICU and do house supervisor.  In January I also start to teach clinicals at National Park Community College (NPCC), where I got my ADN (Associate degree in nursing).  Remember that day?  If not ~~~~>>>>HERE and HERE and HERE!!!!!  Yes, so I will be doing the 4th semester clinicals (last semester!), which I’m very nervous about, but very excited!