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As the World Turns


It’s amazing to scroll back through my old blog posts … and see how much I’ve grown and changed over the years.  I’ve made some posts private, but did leave many of the ones where I poured my heart and soul out.  Dealing with a divorce and depression is difficult, and I hope maybe someone will scroll across them … and find encouragement and strength.

It’s awesome to look back things I said … wanting to teach, getting my Bachelor’s and then my Master’s degree.  I’m doing all that.  Yes, I’m living my dream!  I’ve been teaching nursing, this being my fourth year … and I love it.  I have my Master’s degree (December 2015), and now I am enrolled and working on my Doctorate of Education.

My husband and I have been blessed in our home (did an expansion for more rooms!) and travel (we LOVE cruising).  The kids are amazing …

No, my life isn’t peaches all the time.  But I wouldn’t change it any … well, of course … I would always take more shoes and purses! 🙂

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I’m doing ok.  Really I am.  I have been to therapy, and that helps.  I have met with a lawyer and have been dealing with that kind of stuff.  I still get really emotional, especially at night, when the kids are in bed, and it’s more lonely.  But I am ok.  And I will be.  I’m slowly cutting off resources and emotions for stuff and being more independent.

Tonight is girls night!  Just a couple of us are going, so I’m excited.  In February a BUNCH of us are going to stay over night in Memphis, out on Beale Street, which we are ALL excited for!

I have lost some weight (22 pounds in fact).  I weigh less now than when I first got pregnant.  Of course then, I had more muscle!  I’ve started to go to the gym, even getting on a team for a “dare to be lean” challenge.  I bought a wii fit!  I am eating healthly, most times.  But never drink enough water!

I still love my job.  I love weekend option, even though my weekends are shot, I love being off for 5 days during the week with the boys.  It was a good decision for me!  I’m researching other BSN programs that I can do, since my plans to start in the fall at Tech have gone through.

I want to thank all my friends, both here local and out of state, my in real life friends, online pals, and those who I’ve known back in the day who have all been supportive with thoughts and words of advice.  I take each one of your words and listen very carefully!  I love each of you and thank you for being there for me.



P.S.  Yes, my Christmas tree is still up

ok, ok, I’m slacking


No I haven’t posted in a while.  No I haven’t gone to the gym, and no I haven’t done my laundry.  Geesh, lay off it!  Oddly, I haven’t felt like blogging.  Not sure why, because I normally do enjoy it.

Brennen had his first flag football practice last night, it was cute.  Mike and his friends Daniel and Carlos are coaching the team.  It’ll be real interesting!

Zachary starts soccer on Saturday.  When I was in high school, we didn’t have soccer.  So when I moved to Colorado, I didn’t see the big deal.  But I guess it is a big deal now.  So we’ll try him out on it.  The bad thing is, Bren’s games are Saturday at 8 AM, and Zachary’s are Saturday at 9 AM!  So we’ll start out at the Middle school football practice field, and about 10 til, run up the road to the soccer field!  It’ll be hectic, especially since I will have just gotten off Saturday at 7AM after working my 3 12 hour shifts!

Saturday night we took the bike out.  It was fun, but gosh my ass hurts.  Mike is trying to convince me to get a bike, which I don’t mind, but he wants me to get a crotch rocket like his.  No thanks, I’d rather have a ‘normal’ bike!  It won’t be anytime soon.  We have too many payments as it is!  We also took the boat out Sunday night, nothing exciting there, except the water was cold after all the Gustav rain.

We have looked at a few houses.  Not that we are in a place to buy right now.  But the ones we looked at are NICE!  Brand new, gorgeous, CLEAN (lol), and out of our price range.  I don’t see how we would be able to afford those house payments.  Mike said his Realtor friend said our house appraises and WILL sell for about $20K more than we paid for it.  I don’t agree with that!  Anyways, if we DID put the house up for sale, it would require a ton of dump and purge of stuff in our house and a TON of cleaning and fixing things (like nicks and dents in the walls, thanks boys).  We’ll see what happen as time goes.  Mike’s Mom did buy a house in Louisiana, leaving us here with no family.  I do like living here, love the lake and area.  He doesn’t want to move to Colorado, because it’s too cold (duh), although I’d love to move to a small town like Windsor!  I really don’t think I want to live in Louisiana, nothing against Cajuns or anything, I just don’t.

eBay.  I have been buying and selling crap on eBay.  My big purchase (besides Mike’s body kit for his bike, which reminds me to get pictures) is a high grade/resolution scanner.  I plan on starting another blog, Six Degrees of Janet, which will have pictures that I have in a couple of boxes.  Tons of people in those pictures, from high school, church camps, youth rallies, etc.  Maybe you might find yourself in there!

Freecycle.  Speaking of dump and purge.  If you’ve never heard of freecycle, check out www.freecycle.org .  Find your local group and join.  It’s a great place (in most areas) to get rid of stuff, get stuff, and meet great community members.  I have gotten many thing off there for free, including a large dog kennel, boat bumpers, etc. I have also given away stuff (a fridge, toys, clothes, etc).  Try it!

The plan today.  OMG.  Laundry.  So much laundry.  I don’t know how we pile up so much laundry!  The next time I come into a chunk of money, I will be buying one of those large capacity washer and dryers.  No joke.  I needs it!

Bachelors.  Many of my friends have started their bachelor’s programs, or the pre-req’s for it.  I wanted to wait until Timmy gets a bit bigger.  But I don’t know.  I really have the pre-req’s done, except for Chemistry and maybe a history class.  I guess my 5 hours of Pilate’s don’t count.  Darn.  I’m wanting my Masters.  I haven’t decided if I want to teach (no money, but love it), or work for a Doc as and APN (don’t want to take call).  Who knows.  I guess I should start paying on my current student loans first, eh?

Ok, time to do the laundry.  Oh wait, the gym!  I haven’t been in a week,  those hurricane rains put me out for a bit.  I have been eating healthy and less, so that helps!

Ok, laundry.

GO Saints!




What a rainy day!  We always get the riff of storms off the hurricanes that hit the gulf coast.  Yes, we live about 8-9 hours from New Orleans, but we get some good storms from them.  You should see the lake!  HUGE waves, at least for the lake.  I’m glad that Mike brought the boat in, it would’ve gotten the crap beat out of it.

My sister in law (SIL) went and stayed with my other SIL to avoid the storm.  I believe that most of Mike’s family stayed put in that area.  A few friends that live in Slidell left.  Oh and Mike’s second cousin (who had lost pretty much everything in Katrina) are here in town, again keeping away from the storm.   I haven’t heard of any damage reports from friends or family yet, but I’m hoping and guessing they got less than expected!  I’m pleased with the number of people who DID have sense to evacuate, despite the lack of stormage that really came.  Lesson learned!  I love that the Republican convention was scaled back, and President hope McCain helped put together care packages ~ IN OHIO!  HA!  Get a little closer there!  Oh well, at least he helped!

Michael got a call this morning, and was roped into head coaching Brennen’s flag football team. YEAH!  I feel complete!  I get to be head coach Mommy and provided snacks!  What’s really cool, is they go by NFL teams, and of course, we picked the Saints!  WOOT!  Good die hard Saints fans, even in the (many) bad seasons!  I can’t wait to see their team shirts!

With the storm, I went out and got a yummmy bowl of crab bisque from Fisherman’s Wharf.  It’s so good, thick and chunky!  I brought a bowl of gumbo to Mike, hope he enjoys it!  The resturant has a great deck, and is just around the corner from us, by boat and car.

Funny kid quip of the day:

Timmy:  Can I have drink?

Mommy:  No, it’s my coffee.

Timmy:  Ok (runs off)

Timmy:  (returns with Pizza Planet Buzz Lightyear mug)  I has coffee water.  MMMMM!


Loves it!


Ok, diet is good, pretty much no sweets or soda.  I am eating this wonderful and probably loaded with fat bisque though!  I did not go to the gym yesterday, as I worked extra Sunday night, and I didn’t go today, well because I have this wonderful soup to eat.  Ok really, I ran some errands and brought some Starbucks to my MIL.  I may go tonight, but certainly in the morning!  I’m trying to convince my new friend Priscilla to join!  She used to live next to my MIL, and has 3 little girls, 2 who are in school.  I know she reads this, so now she MUST join!  Brian, do you hear that!?!?!?!?

Ok, laundry time!

Day One: Goal Met!


So at 9am today, my wonderful and *ahem**cough**cough* supportive husband asked what I was going to do today.

I’m going to the gym!

You are?


With who?

Me.  And Timmy.

(gives me a look)

What?  You think I’m NOT going to go?

Yeah.  you won’t.

Oh Yeah?  Watch me.

So at 9:35 I finally got out of this lovely chair, changed into some old yoga pants.  I decided to forgo the underwear, as I didn’t want to be digging them out all morning.  I tossed the kid in the car seat and off we go.

Oops, I drove passed it.  Damn, turn around.  I go in, sign me name, and ask the girl behind the counter if my membership card is in yet.

She asks my name.


Hmmm, I don’t see it.

I think it would be ready by now.

When did you sign up?


(gives me that look)  That’s really sad.

I know, thanks.

So now I have my lovely gold membership card.  Go me.  I drop the kid off at the child care center, which is really just a room with toys.  That’s what I get for joining the cheapest gym in town.

So I trudge up the stairs to the treadmills.  Goal:  fast walk/run on the treadmill for ONE HOUR.  I pick one in between a 50ish year old and a 60ish year old women.  I start with a good incline (2) and a fast pace of 3.  after 10 minutes I decide to run for 5 minutes, maybe even 10.  First off, the yoga pants are about 6 years old, have been through 3 pregnancies and just aren’t made for movement.  So instead of worrying about the ultimate wedgie, I am now pulling up my pants because every 5 steps my ass crack begins to show.  Great.

Run, the 50 year old has been running for about 5 minutes, so this will be a peice of cake.  OHhh, cake! Focus!!!!  About 2 minutes into the run, my lungs are on FIRE.  FIRE, BURN, FIRE.  Holy crap!  My rationalization was that I can walk around Wal*Mart and the Mall for hours, this would be cake.  CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!  Damn it.  I somehow made it to five minutes.  I burned 120 calories, did a mile, all in 15 minutes and 22 seconds.  That’s sad.  Back in the day, I ran a 7 minute mile.  Damn it.  Oh, yeah the 50 year old is still running.  Crap.

I decided to go to the circuit room, so that I didn’t look like a complete wimp.  I did some legs, some arms, couldn’t figure out the crunch machine to save my life.  I went back up to the treadmill, hung onto my pants and walked at a nice slow pace for 10 minutes, watching the end of People’s Court.

I even ate grilled chicken with tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, and low-fat mozzarella for lunch, with NO dressing!  Go me!


1.  Wear better pants

2.  Stay on the treadmill for 30 minutes

3.  Bring music

4.  Bring towel

oh, and I asked the lady behind the counter if there was a scale to weigh my big butt.  She said it was broken.  Thank goodness.