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As the World Turns


It’s amazing to scroll back through my old blog posts … and see how much I’ve grown and changed over the years.  I’ve made some posts private, but did leave many of the ones where I poured my heart and soul out.  Dealing with a divorce and depression is difficult, and I hope maybe someone will scroll across them … and find encouragement and strength.

It’s awesome to look back things I said … wanting to teach, getting my Bachelor’s and then my Master’s degree.  I’m doing all that.  Yes, I’m living my dream!  I’ve been teaching nursing, this being my fourth year … and I love it.  I have my Master’s degree (December 2015), and now I am enrolled and working on my Doctorate of Education.

My husband and I have been blessed in our home (did an expansion for more rooms!) and travel (we LOVE cruising).  The kids are amazing …

No, my life isn’t peaches all the time.  But I wouldn’t change it any … well, of course … I would always take more shoes and purses! 🙂

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Team Parenting #7


Monday has passed, and I’m late again.  Here’s part SEVEN.

I do agree that adult time is just as important.  Mike and I try to find things and the time to do things with one another.  Even if it’s out to dinner for an hour or so, it makes a difference.  Allows us to talk without “mama!” being called all the time.  But we do both also have our alone time, without each other too.  I think this keeps our feet grounded and lets us remember who we are.   I like to surf the web, blog, read, etc.  Mike likes to take his bike out (dang, I need to post those pictures for you) or take the boat out. 

Remember while being parents, we can still have fun, and be kids ourselves!

My New Toy #3


So this should have maybe gone with #2, but I felt it deserved it’s very own!   Inside my new car today was a wee little black bag, which had a wee little black box.  hehe, see where I’m going?  Inside the wee little black box was a wee GOR-GEE-OUS ring!  Yeah Spoiled ME!  I can’t find a good picture of it, nor can I take one, but here is something similar.  Mine is a round, with four stones down each side.  Mine is raised a bit more than the picture, and beneath the big stone, it sits on 6 little round stones.  SO pretty!  I lurve  it!  And I love Michael!  Thank you!!!