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As the World Turns


It’s amazing to scroll back through my old blog posts … and see how much I’ve grown and changed over the years.  I’ve made some posts private, but did leave many of the ones where I poured my heart and soul out.  Dealing with a divorce and depression is difficult, and I hope maybe someone will scroll across them … and find encouragement and strength.

It’s awesome to look back things I said … wanting to teach, getting my Bachelor’s and then my Master’s degree.  I’m doing all that.  Yes, I’m living my dream!  I’ve been teaching nursing, this being my fourth year … and I love it.  I have my Master’s degree (December 2015), and now I am enrolled and working on my Doctorate of Education.

My husband and I have been blessed in our home (did an expansion for more rooms!) and travel (we LOVE cruising).  The kids are amazing …

No, my life isn’t peaches all the time.  But I wouldn’t change it any … well, of course … I would always take more shoes and purses! 🙂

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I love weekends like this, full of activities and family time! 

The kids and I spent most of the week in the water, either at Magic Springs, or the lake.  It’s been so hot though, that the lakes feel like warm bath water.  

On Fridays Craig is off, which is a treat for us!  We went to Degray, to the Shouse Ford area (one of my favorite places to camp).  It was nice, but the water is way down, making the swim areas smaller (I found this to be true on Lake Ouachita  the week before).  But, we swam none-the-less!  And fished.  My poor pink fishing pole has seen lots of water and castings, and yet no fish.  😦 Someday I’ll get my first fish! 

Friday night we got some movies, Book of Ei, Pink Panther 2, and Missing Lynx.  The last one wasn’t anything to remember, but the kids loved it.  PP2 was funny, but predictable (very Steve Martinesque).  The Book of Eli was AWESOME.  Really awesome.  Not blu-ray worthy or anything, but the story was wonderful.  If we all took that dedication and purpose to our lives!  Wow, what a different place the world would be. 



Saturday morning I think we bummed around, ran som errands and such.  We stopped at the Goodwill store, which is my favorite new place!  Talk about bargains!  We bought: 

Mens suit jacket (made in Italy) 

2 king pillow shams 

king bedskirt 

new with tags womans dress 

2 pair mens athletic pants (nike and adidas) 

queen bed sheet set 

3 books 

4 pieces of girls clothing 

TOTAL:  $33.40 

Not too shabby eh???  Try checking out your local Goodwill store, Savation Army, DAV, or whatever you have in your area! 



Saturday afternoon I watched a beautiful bride walk down the aisle!  She’s one of my great friends, Anna.  It was a sweet touching ceremony, as Anna and Matt were marrie by Anna’s Mother.  I know the stress and pressure of a wedding, and I know that as they are laying on the beaches of Mexico, it was all worth it!  






After the wedding, we ran home, changed and went to Magic Springs, a local amusement park.  I’ll do a review on it later, but it’s a pretty good deal for locals who buy season passes.  One the greaat benefits is the summer concerts they have on Saturday nights.  And since I pretty much work all Saturday nights, I never get to go.  This year they did have concerts during the week, but we never got to go to one.  So . . . this was my first concert at the amplitheater . . . and who was it?  Randy Travis!  An oldie but goodie!  It was great, and the boys’ first concert too.  He was funny and sounded awesome! 


Of course, Sunday was another relaxing day, with a bit of school clothes shopping (only 18 more days!) and of course work  😦  But that’s ok, I’ve got all 4 kids all week.  

Gotta take Coco to the vet for some shots, poor puppy . . . I still need to show you her! 

Love Y’all! 

I. Need. Shoes. Stat!!!




I have a massive urge to get a new pair of hot high heels!  If any of you want to help, I wear a size 9.5 (yeah, big feet).  I love crazy shoes!  Thanks!

I feel like in the last couple of weeks that I’ve calmed down.  I got that wild streak out of me that I’ve been doing for the last few months.  Don’t think I still don’t want to go out and have fun, cause, well if you KNOW me, I love having a blast and laughing.  But sometimes laying on your kitchen floor and laughing with your best friend is just even more fun that going out!

I know what I want in life, for my boys, for me personally as career goals, love life needs, and who I want to be, and what kind of person I want to be with.  And I won’t settle for less.  I deserve it.  I sure damn do.  And I’ll wait forever until I can get what I want!  (hello spoiled brat!)

My boys have been horrible lately.  I guess the divorce is effecting (affecting?) them, and they are showing out because of it.  I had Don put locks on my pantry door so they stop getting all the food out.  Yeah, like dumping a box of pancake mix, squeezing out all the jelly, eating all the cereal, etc .  They already cost me a bundle in groceries, but when I keep having to re-buy everything, then that adds up! 

I really reached a low point this week with them, I had to call friends to come over and help, and thankfully they rushed right over (love ya Heather and Don!) to help.  I guess I’ll go to the book store and find a parenting/divorce book for some advice.  Do any of you have any advice?  I’ll take all that I can get!

Never found my stolen stuff, except the boating tube was in the field next to me, but that’s not mine, so I really don’t care about that.  I had someone come out and mow my yard, and it looks so much nicer.  I may have him come out and do the back and trim up some more stuff this week, since I don’t have the tools to do it now.  Although I did buy a weedeater!  And a drill!  LOL!

I really want to go see my family, I’m hoping they’ll meet me in Omaha or Witchita again, it makes it easier to drive 8 hours rather than 19!!!

Other than that, I’ve been doing ok.  Have had some dissappointments, but am keeping my head up and heart full of hope.  That’s all I can do.  🙂

A Vacation In Numbers




2300.8 miles driven

19 hours straight driving (yeah, I should’ve stayed over night) one way

7 days gone

3 nephews happy to see their aunts and uncle

1 brother who needs a hair cut and loved his nephews

2 beautiful sisters

2 grandparents to dump the kids on

92 gallons of gas

7 books brought

0 books finished

4 movies bought

$1.89 cheapest gas paid for

$2.39 most pricey gas paid for

68 warmest temp seen (Arkansas)

21 coldest temp seen (Wichita, not counting windchill)

7 AM, time we came home Saturday, err Sunday Morning

29 dance moves I can do

0 beers I actually paid for (make that alcohol in general!)

129387489247 beers I drank

6 seconds I can chug a beer

4 shots of Vegas bombs

2 shots of tequila

1 margarita

3 meals I cooked

193 times I went thru my sister’s stuff

1923 times I was called the OLDER sister (grrr)

45 times I heard the song “Apple Bottom Jeans”

1 ball I actually hit into the pool table

9 happy meals

3 bags of hot tamales consumed

3 bags of sunflower seeds

15 minutes it to drive through the entire town of Scottsbluff

25 mph the speed limit

10 pounds of Salmon I bought and cooked

1 dirty look from Dad when I walked in at 8 am (hehe)

2 great dogs my brother has

2 warm weather days

3 yucky days

50 mph winds on Monday

2 trips to walmart

2 trips to Target

5 Starbucks I found along the way

$3.99 the cost of Dan’s 6 pack of beer!

3 sets of guns bought at the Bass Pro Shop

Too Many Times

                  ‘where are we’ was asked

                  ‘are we there yet’ said

                  ‘how much longer’

                  ‘what state are we in?’

                  ‘why are we STILL in _______(NE, KS, OK)

                   ‘i’m hungry was said’

                   ‘i have to go to the bathroom’


Plenty of

                     laughs with friends and family

                     memories made

                     hugs and kisses

                     good times

                     pictures taken

                     friends missed in AR

                     old friends seen

                     tears shed

Not enough




My Children are SPOILED



Very much so.  The first day we were here, Lola (my Mom) took them to Target and they each got a new toy, including a new wii game.  Then they got the bag of books, toys, etc that I had bought for the trip here.   They’ve had cookies, ice cream, candy, gum, you name it, they got it.  They don’t get all this at home from me!  No way!

We went to Wal*Mart to get a few things for dinner (how’d I get roped into making dinner again?) and all I heard was they never get toys, they have nothing, the new game is borrrring, I’m no fair, blah, blah, blah.  So mean Mommy buys them the new Disney Bolt movie (soo cute, a must see)!

So we go to Target again (yes, I was bored today).  Again, I hear the same thing. I never get anything.  I never get to have a watch (really, what does a 5 year old who can’t read much less tell time  need a  $15 watch for),  you are no fair!  I never get a new wii game, I never . . .  .yeah you get the point.  Of course all this is complete and total lies.

I let them convince me that they need a $7 watch.  Two seconds after they have a hold of it, I hear, “I want a toy, I never get toys.”  GRRRRR.   I make them put the watches back.  Then we argued in the dollar spot aisle.  No, you DO NOT need a pink rolling pin.  Yes, I realize you never get to have one.  Poor you.  So then we go to the sports card aisle.  I tell them they can have a small pack of $1.99 cards (Star wars, Mario Bros, etc).  They try to pick up every $20 plus box of cards.  GRRR.  So FINNALLLLY (10 minutes of deciding) after they make a choice we leave.

We get home, play in the snow for a few minutes, open the cards and then 5 minutes later, what do I find ~ yup, just laying there, being ignored.


Really? Spring Break?


In high school and college I never did those awesome spring break trips to Florida or Mexico.  This is really the first “spring break” trip I’ve taken.   To Nebraska.  Nice.

Yesterday is a warm day, we sat outside, grilled and enjoyed the sunshine.  Overnight, during a restless sleep I heard lots of thunder.  Now it’s a blizzard outside.  Nice.  Real Nice.  Some vacation!