The Dude

Birthday:  May  28 2002 6:00PM

Size:  8lbs 2oz, 20 inches

Info:  Will start FIRST grade this year!  Has a large birthmark on his heel.  Has “super man teeth”  (silver caps)

Favorite Color:  All the colors (geesh)

Favorite Number:  100

Favorite Movie:  Power Rangers (I don’t think he’s ever seen this???)

Favorite Cartoon:  Spongbob

Favorite Person:   Everyone (what a sap)

Favorite Place To Eat:  Applebees

Favorite Thing To Eat:  Baby Cheeseburgers

Favorite Toy:  Play on bikes, play Xbox games

Favorite Thing To Do With Mom:  Hug you (awww)

Favorite Thing To Do With Dad:  To play outside with him

Anything else?  I like school.  I like to go to Magic Springs.  I like to play baseball.  (He’s reading this now, geesh nosey butt).  I like to race at PE.  Ride bikes.

What Do You Like About The Man:  I like to play with him, and Zachary on my team.  And I love him.

What Do You Like About The Baby:  Cause, uhh I like Timothy, because I want to pick him up (huh?).  And I, I pull Timothy in the wagon.  And play basketball with him, and to Chuck E Cheese with him and race on the scooters.  And I love him, and, and, and I like to, to, …..  (geesh).


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